For over twenty years, Baires has specialised in the design and construction of  in-ground and above ground pools, made to measure for private residences, hotels, restaurants and venues, wellness facilities and Spas, as well as sporting and recreational facilities. The technical expertise acquired, together with in depth construction and engineering know-how of the staff are the jewel in Baires’ crown. These have ensured the company stands for quality, uniqueness, safety and reliability in the projects it undertakes. These projects are the perfect combination of style, functionality and attention to detail taking into account the various architectural requirements. Its technical and technological expertise make Baires Piscine the perfect partner for architects, designers and surveyors when creating complex works for example, where there are specific difficulties with the ground conditions and the surrounding environment.

The process starts by listening to the detailed requirements, the client's preferences and how it will be used.  The Baires staff carries out in depth feasibility studies to arrive at the specifics for the custom built project for maximum performance and exclusive design.

Indoor and outdoor Skimmer swimming pools, breath taking infinity view pools, and luxury deck level edge swimming pools: Baires provides a range of solutions that can be adapted according to the requirement.

The company’s building and engineering expertise has brought about the registration of the ‘Sfioro Up’ patent which has allowed the compensation tank to be eliminated thus reducing construction times, maintenance costs as well as its impact on the environment, in addition to the creation of the KimBaires and SfioroGround brands differentiating functional and performance features of the skimmer swimming pools created by Baires.

Baires Piscine offers a complete service, from planning and design to the creation of environments that are safe, comfortable and functional, whether they are new installations or renovation works. Baires works closely with architects and designers to breathe life into water features to make them captivating, with high emotional impact while satisfying the tastes and style of the client.