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  • Baires S.r.l. - location Bompensiero, 2 - 25030 Villachiara - Brescia (BS) Italy
  • phone: +39 030.3760018  fax: +39 030.3760018
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Planning and design

For over twenty years, Baires has planned and created exclusive and entirely personalised water features transforming desire into a true emotional experience. Specialists in planning and construction of custom built swimming pools, Baires stands out for its engineering and architectural expertise which has enabled the company to be recognised as the market leader for...

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Structural or technical modifications, renovation, restyling or complete structural renovation: Baires Piscine is the ideal partner for all works and up-dating of existing swimming pools, indoor or outdoor. Whether in private homes or residences and residential buildings as well as hotels, holiday villages and sports facilities or water parks, Baires Piscine carries out renovation projects in these areas...

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Technologies and Patents

As a result of its engineering, technical and technological expertise and the resources found within the company, Baires Piscine has set up its own research centre where the most innovative project solutions take shape, allowing Baires to be recognised as the highly professional and leading, qualified reference point over the last twenty years of activity...

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