Technology and patents

As a result of its engineering, technical and technological expertise and the resources found within the company, Baires Piscine has set up its own research centre where the most innovative project solutions take shape, allowing Baires to be recognised as the highly professional and leading, qualified reference point over the last twenty years of activity.

The acquired know-how enabled the company to register one patent and two of its own brands.

SfioroUp patent

Create the pool of your dreams with lower costs, less maintenance and reduced environmental impact. The SfioroUp patent assist in reducing construction time as well as costs, simplifying management operations, providing greater water hygiene and care for the environment.

SfiorUp is a filtration system which, when installed in an in-ground pool with a spillway edge (i.e. Where the water is at the same level as the perimeter edge) eliminates the need for a traditional compensation tank. This new system is ideal for the construction and re-structuring of any size and shape of swimming pool, which provides perfect function and improved efficiency.

The main features:

  • Reduction in space required and construction times/costs, as no further structures are required (compensation tank) to contain overflow water.
  • Simplification of re-structuring and/or the transformation of the skimmer swimming pools into deck level edge swimming pools.
  • Greater respect for the environment: reduced development time and space means less inconvenience for the environment and people; the volume of water needed to make the plant function is considerably reduced by removing the compensation tank.
  • Simplification of management and reduction in maintenance times and costs.
  • The complete elimination of toxic gases (clorine etc..) from the areas near to the filtration plant (technical cabinets with filters, power supplies, transformers etc..)
  • Improvement in water cleanliness with a reduction in the possible formation of algae, mould and the proliferation of bacteria, viruses etc...

SkimBaires Brand

The SkimBaires brand, identified by the exclusive openings in the side of the skimmer type pools, ensures the surface remains clean. The skimmer version created by Baires Piscine is quiet and discreet as it has an internal float mechanism that removes impurities, leaves and whatever else ensuring excellent performance over time with a pleasing aesthetic impact. SkimBaires is synonomous with clean water, always.

SfioroGround Brand

For swimming pools with a deck level edge, Baires has created a unique, very refined, beautiful alternative that has a perimeter edge that ‘embraces’ the water so that it seems to spill away just under the external surrounding paving.