Structural or technical modifications, renovation, restyling or complete structural renovation: Baires Piscine is the ideal partner for all works and up-dating of existing swimming pools, indoor or outdoor.

Whether in private homes of in residential blocks and condominiums, as well as for hotels, resorts, sports facilities or water parks, Baires Piscine will undertake custom built restructuring work of any type and size of pool basin and for any requirements whether it is for small technical alternations or larger architectural works.

Whatever your requirement, Baires will advise you on the most suitable solution for your needs to renovate your swimming pool in the pursuit of perfect performance, safety, comfort and design. All renovation work undertake by Baires Piscine, always take into account the most advanced technological and functional options available, aiming to proving ease of use, excellent performance over time as well as having a reduced impact on the environment.

Refurbishment, internal relining of the swimming pool: removal of the existing blue liner and laying of a new peral white colour lining.
To avoid too much contrast between the swimming pool lights and the garden lighting, the existing pool bulbs were replaced with warm white LED bulbs.